Care4U is a privately held licensed pharmaceutical and consumer health products company established in early 2016 in Sana’a (the business hub of Yemen) with a nation-wide distribution network across  Yemen.

Care4U is specialized in distribution, marketing of high standard products including prescription, consumer health products, natural health products and cosmotics.

The company is managed by highly talented personnel, who have an excellent experience in the sales, marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and consumer health products.

We are able to provide our partners by the highest ethical standard operations and solid access into Yemen market, including business, development, sales, marketing, and more.

Our team has strong relationships with company’s customers who include hospitals, pharmacies, governmental organizations, hypermarkets,  beauty shops and others.


​Our partners are those who we establish a mutual business with them internally or externally those who deals with medicines and medical appliances in addition to consumer health products.

We have a good market reputation among our competitors and customers by applying quality standards, ethics, and integrity in all our business and commercial deals.

We provide our partners with all regulatory requirements needed to register their products (Pharmaceuticals, consumer health products, natural health products and cosmotics) in Yemen to have quick access to the market.

We sign exclusive distribution agreements with pharmaceutical, consumer health & medical companies for  distributing their products through our network, performing commercial and marketing activities . We offer a risk free approach to our business partners; and take care of the overall business aspects.


To improve people’s life through providing innovative pharmaceutical products, medical devices, consumer health products by applying successful marketing & distribution strategies to assure excellent services to our partners.


  • To build professional relationships with health care professions and to contribute in the treatment strategies for the patients and consumers.
  • To apply the best business practices in the medical & pharmaceutical field and consumer health products based on quality assurance to achieve outstanding results.


Our core strengths are our partners and our team which pursue our vision of distributing world class products with highest standard of quality and clinical significance.

We :

  • Respect each individual.
  • Keep staff members informed.
  • Value diversity in culture .
  • Address issues openly and directly.
  • Assure confidentiality.
  • Assure developing and motivating our qualified personnel.


Our Management

The company is managed by highly talented personnel, who have an excellent experience in the sales, marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and consumer products.


  • Care4U is a leader in developing and providing versatile services to support pharmaceutical manufacturer’s’ businesses. In addition to logistics services, we offers comprehensive solutions from registration services with the local authorities like Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Health and SBDMA to import , distribute the products and marketing services that include launching, campaigns, hiring of team members and strategic planning needed to sell products and sales. The comprehensive scientific and commercial expertise, which has accumulated over the years, makes us capable of developing an effective marketing plan and strategies.
  • Based on principles of partnership and mutual interest, we provide local facilities to our partners. Such facilities include:
    • Visibility through direct distribution and marketing.
    • Indirect distribution through our sub-agents to cover remote areas.
    • Supporting our customers by applying annual commission plan to increase their purchases of our products.
    • Providing credit facilities to our customers.


We cover all major provinces representing 70% of the country directly and the rest indirectly.

  • 1200 pharmacies.
  • 50 hospitals.
  • 35 wholesalers.
  • 300 others.




Our Address

West ring road, near Sana’a university.
Sana’a, Republic of Yemen.
Mobile :+967771895658
Tele :  00967 1 432824
Email :info@care4ufortrade.com

Opening Hours

Saturday – Thursday  9AM – 7PM