About the founder

Khaled Al-Sabri, Pharm. Bsc. , MBA holder, the owner and the founder of Care4U for trade. He is a pharmacist graduated from the faculty of pharmacy in Sana’a, Yemen in 2002. He started working as a medical representative for some multinational pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline then he promoted in his job to be a country manager (GM) for GSK, health consumer sector in Yemen. He then moved to the generic pharmaceutical sector where he worked as a general manager for Brothers Pharma Group. He successfully managed many pharmaceutical companies such as Gulph Inject, ACI, Ankur, Farmatek, Celon lab, Protem, FDC and other companies. His business was among private sectors and  governmental tenders.

He spent close to 20 years of experience of pharma management with multinational and generic pharmaceutical companies. During his work, he achieved extraordinary sales rate. He has a great experience in training, planning and marketing management. Also, good experience in adapting change in difficult environment and developing diversity within his staff who have different capabilities and backgrounds.

​In early 2016, he decided to start his own business by establishing Care4U as a private company for importing drugs and medical appliances and other health products.

Now, he has a good distribution channels for distributing goods to different regions. Many professional people work with him to be the best provider for goods and service in Yemen.